Arts Power Chicago

Arts Alliance Illinois joined forces with the League of Chicago Theatres to educate candidates in Chicago's 2011 elections about the value of the arts and arts education. WBEZ called our campaign "the first time in Chicago electoral politics [that] a coalition of arts organizations has come together with a political agenda."

Here's what we accomplished:

  • Service groups, associations, and unions representing every artistic discipline joined the Arts Power Chicago coalition, and more than 4,000 people signed the Arts Power Chicago petition.
  • All six Chicago candidates for mayor signed onto our campaign's Principles for a 21st Century Creative Chicago.
  • After the election, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel selected a cultural leader to co-chair his transition and made the arts one of seven priorities of his transition. He also made the creation of a new cultural plan one of 50 priorities for his administration.
  • Across the media, from the Chicago Tribune to WXRT, Mayor-elect Emanuel was outspoken in his advocacy for the arts -- signaling his intent to "raise up" the arts in Chicago.