How-to Guides

Like all relationships, cultivating good friends in government takes nurturing and trust. Here are how-to guides to help you engage decision-makers and cultivate them into champions for the arts and arts education.

Writing to Legislators

Letters have a high impact because lawmakers know the 30 minutes that go into a letter (as opposed to the 1 minute for a call or email) mean more conviction and dedication on your part. Read more -- including tips and sample letters -- in our Writing Guide.

Meeting with Legislators

Meetings are one of the most effective forms of advocacy. The time and energy you put into a meeting show how important the issue is to you and your community. Read more on scheduling and preparing for meetings in our Meeting Guide.

Calling Legislators

When time is of the essence, calls are one of the best ways to communicate your position to lawmakers, but picking up the phone is intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. To alleviate your anxiety, we’ve assembled instructions, a script, and video of a call in action. Read more in our Calling Guide.

Writing Letters to the Editor

The letters section of the paper is consistently one of the most read parts of the publication. Fortunately for you, it’s accessible to advocates and community organizations. Read more about how to write a good letter in our Letters to the Editor Guide.