Governor Quinn Vetoes Reduction in Free Days for Museums

Governor Pat Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn vetoed a bill that would have allowed museums and aquariums to cut in half the number of free days they are required to offer to Illinois residents.

Many Illinois families can only visit these museums on the 52 days that they are currently open to residents free of charge. Limiting the number of days our aquariums and museums are available free of cost would disproportionately limit access to our lower-income families. I cannot support any legislation that seeks to reduce exposure to the vast educational resources on display at our museums, particularly for those in our state that are most vulnerable.

—Governor Pat Quinn

The legislation, House Bill 1200, passed both the Illinois House and Senate with strong support. It would have reduced the number of free days from 52 to 26, in a move to help cash-strapped cultural institutions in Illinois.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the governor's move may only be symbolic since the bill passed both chambers by margins sufficient for an override of the veto.