One State Artist Grant - FAQ

Can for-profit companies or nonprofit organizations apply for the Artist Project Grant? 
The grant is intended for individual artists and artist-led collectives and collaborations in Illinois. Proposals from organizations will be taken on a case-by-case basis. 

Does the project have to be interactive? 
No, but we are particularly interested in projects that have an interactive element or create an experience for conference attendees. 

Can I use this grant for projects that are already underway? 
This grant is specifically for projects created for the One State Together in the Arts conference. 

Do projects have to be digital / accessed digitally, or can they be an installation? 
Projects must either be digital, or be able to be documented to be shared digitally and “premiered” during the One State Together in the Arts conference. 

Could a project be unveiled at the conference, but continue beyond October 2? 
We are open to considering projects that continue beyond the conference, but projects must have a significant element that is shown or interacted with during the conference dates. 

What is the timeline for applications to be reviewed and selected? 
Applications will be reviewed the first week of August. Applicants will be notified the second week of August.

For any additional questions, please email Kacie Smith at