One State Session Proposals - FAQ

Are there any restrictions on who can propose sessions?
No. Any individual, for profit or nonprofit organization is welcome to submit a proposal. Preference will be given to proposals from individuals and organizations based in Illinois. 

Who generally attends the One State conference? 
In the past, attendants have included artists, arts administrators and arts funders. While past conferences have focused on arts organizations, we anticipate this year will have a broader audience, including more individual artists, given accessibility of the virtual conference and the waiving of registration fees.  

What should I do if I’m proposing a panel, but haven’t confirmed the panelists yet? 
Please indicate who in your application is not yet confirmed, and use the “Anything else we should know” box to include any additional context or additional panelists you could approach. 

Can I limit the number of attendees at my session?

Will I know how many people have registered for my session?
Yes. We will communicate with you leading up to your session about how many people have registered for your session. 

What technological support will there be for my session? 
We are working with digital consultants who will provide tech tips and a 1 on 1 training with all session leaders. They will also be available during the conference itself to ensure sessions go smoothly and provide technical support for your session.

Will we be presenting more than once during the conference?
No. Sessions will not repeat at different times during the conference. 

How long should a session be?
We are open to your suggestion on how long your session should be, but they should be no less than 30 minutes. 

Could a session be split over two days?
We are open to proposals that would take place over more than one day. An example being a workshop with a homework assignment that then has a follow-up discussion or presentation later in the week. 

Can I propose more than one session?
Yes. You will need to submit separate applications for the separate sessions. 

If my session proposal has an expense for physical materials or other labor, will that be covered by the One State conference?
All sessions will receive an honorarium for time and expenses of no less than $250. Any additional expenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please include any cost estimates in your application in the “Anything else we should know” line. 

What is the timeline for applications to be reviewed and selected?
Invitations to be included in the conference will be sent the second week of August. The full conference line-up will be announced publicly on September 1. 

For any additional questions, please email Kacie Smith at