Facts about Arts Funding in Illinois

The budget signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn on July 10 increases funding for the Illinois Arts Council Agency in fiscal year 2014 by 24 percent. The budget appropriates $10.1 million from the General Revenue Fund to the agency—compared to the $8.2 million invested in fiscal year 2013.

When adjusted for inflation, the Illinois Arts Council Agency is currently more than $11.8 million away from its fiscal year 2007 funding level, when the state invested $21.9 million (in 2012 dollars). Since then, Illinois has cut its investment in the Council by nearly 54 percent.
Illinois Arts Council Agency Funding 2007-2014Source: National Association of State Arts Agencies

Illinois ranks 21st in per capita spending on the arts

In 2014, Illinois will invest 79 cents per person in the Illinois Arts Council Agency, making Illinois 21st in the nation in per capita arts spending. In 2013 Illinois ranked 26th.

Illinois is currently 25 cents below the national average in per capita state arts investment of $1.04.

Source: National Association of State Arts Agencies

Arts Council less than 0.05 percent of total state budget

Investment in the Illinois Arts Council is significantly less than 0.05 percent (or one-half of one-tenth of one percent) of the total state budget—even with steep cuts in state spending overall.
Illinois State Operating Budget for FY13
* Quality of Life includes the Illinois Arts Council, Department of Natural Resources, and Historical Preservation Agency.

Source: State of Illinois Budget for Fiscal Year 2013