About Membership

Whether you join the Alliance as an Individual, a Member Organzation, or an Enterprise Partner, you become part of the largest and most interconnected, state-level arts advocacy network in the country. By becoming an Alliance member, you also take your place in a growing movement to ensure the health, vitality, and vibrancy of communities across Illinois, and that the arts remain present and positioned to change the lives of all Illinois residents.

Together, we give voice to a creative state. 

Click here to initiate a new membership or to renew your existing membership today. Membership Membership Benefits

In addition, Alliance members can take advantage of a full range of programs and services including:

  • Invitations to attend member meetings and receptions, legislative sessions and briefings, and VIP events and intimate gatherings throughout the year
  • Access to Alliance Member Mail messages, keeping you informed of the latest developments within the creative sector, timely opportunities for advocacy and action, and present and projected issues affecting arts and culture, public policy, and arts education in Illinois
  • Discounts on registrations to the biennial, statewide conference One State Together in the Arts, professional development opportunities, and other convenings
  • Recognition online at artsalliance.org, on select print materials, and social media

For Alliance Member Organizations and Enterprise Partners, additional benefits include:

  • All of the above, extended to all full-time staff members
  • Availability of Alliance staff and leadership to be present or speak at your organization’s board and committee meetings and retreats*
  • Invitations to join the Alliance as a Host Partner or Host Sponsor for special events and convenings
  • Invitations to participate in new pilot programs and initiatives of the Alliance

Alliance Membership Dues

Individual Members

Join the Alliance today for as little as $25 per year!

Individual Membership Annual Dues
Booster $25
Defender $50
Leader $100

Member Organizations

Alliance Membership dues for 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations are designed to be easily affordable and are determined by the annual budget for your current fiscal year. For-profit organizations are encouraged to join the Alliance as Enterprise Partners.

Annual Budget Annual Dues
Up to $25,000 $50
$25,000–$249,999 $100
$250,000–$499,999 $150
$500,000–$999,999 $250
$1M–$2,499,999 $500
$2.5M–$6,999,999 $1,000
$7M–$11,999,999 $1,500
$12M–$17,999,999 $2,000
$18M–$24,999,999 $3,000
$25M–$34,999,999 $4,500
$35M–$49,999,999 $6,000
$50M+ $7,500

Enterprise Partners

Alliance Membership dues for corporations, LLCs, and other for-profit companies in the creative industries are designed to be easily affordable and are determined by your number of paid employees. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to join the Alliance as Member Organizations.

Number of Employees Annual Dues
Up to nine $250
10–24 $500
25–49 $1,000
50–99 $3,500
100–499 $7,000
500+ $10,000

Creative Campus

Alliance Member Organizations and Enterprise Partners affiliated with Illinois colleges and universities are eligible for additional recognition as Creative Campus members, plus select benefits which may be extended to faculty, students, and / or alumni of those institutions of higher education.

For more information on membership or to complete your application offline, contact Zachary Whittenburg, Communications and Engagement Director, via email at whittenburg@artsalliance.org or call 312-855-3105 ext. 11.

*Alliance staff and leadership presence requests require sufficient advance notice and mutual agreement.