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Revamp Underway for Arts Education Learning Standards in Illinois

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We are very pleased to report that on August 27, 2014, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) announced a partnership with Arts Alliance Illinois to assess newly released national arts learning standards and to develop recommendations for Illinois. You can access the press announcement here.

I breathe life into your standards

Give thanks

In today's Chicago Sun-Times, Jeanne Walker, an art teacher at Orr High School in Chicago Public Schools, asks, "What is the purpose of education?"

In the midst of all the rhetoric about strikes, teacher evaluations and a longer school day, perhaps it is time to step back and ask: What is the purpose of education in urban Chicago?

Arts & Education Exchange Summit Coming Up

Coming up in February: a new event to connect Chicago teachers and school administrators with arts providers, hundreds of curriculum and lesson planning ideas, and the professional development workshops to make it all happen.

Arts & Education Exchange Summit Coming Up

Ms. Lefkovitz: The teacher who inspired me the most

At Thanksgiving I asked you, "Who first inspired you in the arts?"

My earliest memories -- not of the arts, but period -- are of my father creating wonderful works of art with his bare hands. I wanted to emulate him. When I was four years old, all I wanted to do was create things too, bring my ideas to life. I would get a pencil and draw characters and images on the backs of envelopes and on scratch sheets of paper. I learned at an early age that my imagination could take me to far away places.

Give thanks to those who opened your world to art

Give thanks

Do you remember your art, dance, music, or theater teacher?

Many of us were lucky enough to have teachers or mentors who helped our creative spirits take flight. Many of us had programming in our schools that built our self confidence and let us soar -- whether on stage or the page, on canvas or in clay.

Have you had an arts instructor who changed the course of your life?

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